Being a ‘single’ maid of honor is a lot of hard work, you have to look great as the ‘prospective bride’ in eyes of the guests and all the prospective grooms that might attend the wedding. Sadly it wasn’t the prospective thing but my weight that gave me jitters. 5:2 Fast Formula served as my last minute solution and fortunately, I actually lost weight. Wonder how? Keep reading.


Green Coffee for Weight Loss!

In past few months, several researches have revealed green coffee as a potent fat burner. This is a green coffee supplement that promises weight loss within shortest time possible without the usual dieting and exercising efforts needed. In other words, it works well with or without the assistance of a weight loss diet or a weight loss workout.



The information regarding ingredients on the label lists pure coffee extract which contains:

  • Chlorogenic Acid

  • Green coffee antioxidants

  • Caffeine


How Does it Help you Shed Pounds?


  • Chlorogenic Acid prevents formation of fat within the body by making certain biologically healthy changes

  • After there is no more fat conversion, the food and previous fat stores are utilized as energy and burned at the same time

  • Caffeine invigorates your soul and helps one stay alert

  • Antioxidants and Chlorogenic Acid inhibit overeating

From 131lbs to 120lbs with 5:2 Fast Formula


My friends Nick and Peyton recently got married. It happened so quickly and when they got together, we were all surprised but all’s well that ends well. I had only 30 days to get into shape in order to fit into my ‘Maid of Honor’ dress so I took the supplement everyday and to speed up the results, joined a weight loss group. The results:


  • 11lbs loss

  • No side effects other than initial 2-days tummy dysfunction

  • Didn’t feel like eating fast food

So, in short, the results were positive and without the side effects, I would call these impressive. Now, I wonder why you shouldn’t try this!


Over-all Benefits of the Supplement…


  • Tested and safe product

  • Contains healthy and concentrated quantity of Chlorogenic acid

  • Inspected for quality and purity of ingredients

  • Prepared in a registered facility

  • Causes actual weight loss

  • Travel friendly packaging

  • No side effects


Things I Did Not Like!


  • Only available in US

  • Results unproven for pregnant and nursing mothers

  • Wouldn’t recommend to under 18 (legally barred from using it)

Side Effects?


As long as you are using the pills as directed, there are no side effects of using 5:2 Fast Formula.


Where to Buy?


5:2 Fast Formula can be ordered directly from their official website.